Roadside Unit (RSU) Working Group

The Roadside Unit (RSU) WG is responsible for the development and maintenance of NTCIP standards addressing roadside units and monitoring technical issues.


John Thai, City of Anaheim, and Jon Wyatt, Parsons, co-chair the RSU Working Group.


To join the RSU Working Group, or for questions concerning the status or content of RSU WG projects or standards, please send your request (with email address, name, and company/organization) to:


Active Projects

The RSU WG is currently developing draft NTCIP 1218 v01, a Object Definitions for Roadside Units (RSUs), a new NTCIP standard. The purpose of this project is to specify the protocols and data definitions to allow a TMC to:

  1. Monitor the operational status of the RSU, including the status of applications and processes;
  2. Configure the RSU to interface with other components in a connected vehicle environment, including
  3. connected vehicles, a traffic signal controller, the Security Credential Management System (SCMS), and other connected devices (e.g., smart phones);

Although the focus of draft NTCIP 1218 v01 is the interface between the RSU and a TMC, other interfaces with the RSU may also be defined, depending on the user needs identified. Draft NTCIP 1218 v01 will be based on , but not limited to, USDOT’s RSU v4.1 specification. The objectives include (but are not limited to) having the TMC configure the RSU to:

  1. Collect BSM related information
  2. Receive data (e.g. SPaT/MAP) from a signal controller
  3. Send data to a signal controller
  4. Transmit alerts and traveler information to vehicles
  5. Transmit SPaT/MAP data to connected vehicles
  6. Coordinate signal prioritization between connected vehicles and controllers
  7. Collect traffic performance measure data
  8. Monitor and log RSU operational data
  9. Manage and operate the interface with the SCMS.


The project is currently (as of November 2018) in the Functional Requirements phase.



Published Standards

There are no RSU published standards.


Historical Publications

There are no RSU historical publications.