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9001 Information Report Recommended Information Report
Developed By: Guide Update Project Team
Point of Contact: Robert De Roche, RDR Consulting
Published: Published and available for free download. Click to shopping cart above to register and download the document.
Description of Document:
The NTCIP Guide provides an overview of the NTCIP family of protocols and profiles. The seven sections of The Guide take the reader through the progressive steps of basic understanding, procuring NTCIP devices and systems, and matching agency needs with NTCIP device ConOps and requirements. The Guide continues through system design, implementation, and basic testing concepts.

Document Status:

Date submitted: 8/4/2009

LATEST VERSION -- NTCIP 9001 v04 is an educational tool, created to assist planners, specification writers, and implementers in understanding the various NTCIP standard publications and how to use them. NTCIP 9001 v04 also explains the motivations behind the use of NTCIP. NTCIP 9001 v04 is an informative NTCIP publication, but NTCIP 9001 v04 is not an NTCIP standard and is, therefore, not to be considered binding.

July 2009 -- the updated NTCIP 9001 major revision v04.06 was available as a Recommended Information Report. On the link below, right-click and "Save Target As." NTCIP 9001 v04 can also be downloaded from the shopping cart.

NTCIP 9001 v04 includes:
>> Seven sections and eight annexes;
>> Section 2 explains the NTCIP protocol layer Framework;
>> Section 3 covers procuring NTCIP;
>> Section 4 covers agency requirements, the systems engineering process, and traceability within the NTCIP 1200-series standards;
>> Chapter 6 covers implementing NTCIP;
>> Section 7 starts the discussion of testing NTCIP devices.

PRIOR VERSION HISTORY -- In 1997, the first version of "NTCIP Guide" was prepared by members of the Joint Committee on the NTCIP. The first Guide included just four chapters and four appendices.

In 1999, and using the new document number scheme, the NTCIP 9001 v02.06, "The NTCIP Guide," was a Recommended Information Report available on the Website. The version was prepared by a project team.

In 2002, the next major revision v03.02 of NTCIP 9001, prepared by project team, was available as a Recommended Information Report.


2009 -- after the two-year delay in releasing version v04, there is no current work item to start a new major version v05.


What's Available:

    Technical Paper(s):

      NTCIP Guide - updated version v04,
      Date Posted: 8/3/2009 4:01:50 PM
      Document Description: The NTCIP Guide major version v04 explains the why and how to use NTCIP standards in your products and systems.

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