Library: NTCIP Standards Available for TPG Users Page Last Updated: March 31, 2017

A selected number of NTCIP standards are now available to TPG (software) users for download.

At present, these documents are:

  • 1209 v02A-SE, NTCIP Object Definitions for Transportation Sensor Systems (TSS);
  • 1203 v03A-SE, NTCIP Object Definitions for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS).
On the Library Page, these documents are identified as drafts for "TPG Use Only." These documents are available for complimentary download the same way other NTCIP documents are available for download (meaning that, while there is no fee, users are required to provide an email address, and then receive a password to download).

TPG, Test Procedure Generator software, provides consistent methods and tools to assist the user in the development of test procedures that verify conformance with selected National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP) Center-to-Field (C2F) Device Interface Standards. TPG also reduces the developmental risks, effort, and cost of developing test procedures, which in turn encourages the deployment of interoperable NTCIP C2F systems.

Further, TPG supports off-the-shelf interoperability and promotes the systems engineering process by giving users support in creating test procedures that follow NTCIP standards (specifically, those containing System Engineering content). When TPG is used to create test procedures (or a subset of test procedures, for those NTCIP standards that contain test procedures), content (requirements, dialogs, and objects) is pulled directly from the NTCIP standard. A C2F device under test must then meet the user selected needs and requirements as defined in the NTCIP standard.

TPG provides a platform to define consistently-formatted test procedures to be used in the systems engineering process. With widespread use of the TPG, test procedures from different projects can be shared across agencies for reuse on other similar projects. That being said, TPG is not a testing tool; TPG only guides the development of test procedures using consistent formats, styles, and keywords. TPG requires Microsoft Word versions of selected NTCIP standards as input. Those NTCIP standards are identified with the phrase “TPG use only”, and those NTCIP standards can be downloaded from the NTCIP Library page.

To download TPG software, please visit

These documents are currently labeled as "draft" because TPG also evaluates how well a published standard conforms to the model for systems engineering process implementation in NTCIP standards. That model is specified in NTCIP 8002 Annex B1, a guidance document, also available for download on the library page. As these documents were published during the time TPG was under development, another feature of TPG identifies broken "threads" among systems engineering elements. As those issues are addressed, revised documents will be made available.

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