Many of the NTCIP standards have Management Information Bases (MIBs). The standard MIBs are used by equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and agencies that deploy NTCIP-conforming equipment. Electronic versions of the MIBs are available from a NEMA FTP site.


For the NTCIP MIBs, NEMA makes the files available on an FTP site. FTP is the File Transfer Protocol, which is an application that’s used to move files between computers. To gain access to the FTP site, send your name, organization name, and email address to, and request access.


What is a MIB?

Many of the NTCIP standard documents contain sections of text that look like a computer program. In fact, for the standards with “Object Definitions …” in their title, the largest part of the standard is the computer text.

This “computer text” is called a Management Information Base, or MIB. The MIB describes the organization of a database that will be created in the memory area where it is installed. The MIB databases will be used to store information, which in turn will be used to control the traffic signals and other devices in a transportation management system.

The MIB is a text document that can be read by a human and “compiled” by a computer. “Compiled” means converted from the readable form into the special instruction language used by a computer. For NTCIP transportation management systems to work, the computer applications will need to reference many MIB databases.



MIB Software

Software for testing NTCIP compliance (if you wish to perform this function) is available.