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The purpose of the NTCIP Forum is to exchange status reports, draft standards, questions, comments, and deployment guidance among users.

Types of Users
Users of the NTCIP Forum are either "Registered" users or "Guest" users, each has different capabilities. New Users are invited to join the NTCIP Forum by clicking the arrow for the Forum they wish to join and clicking the New User button on the subsequent page. A form will be presented for completion. Upon registration, the new user will have the capability of viewing postings to the Forum and will be permitted to post to the Forum. If you have any difficulties please send your comments to: NTCIP Web Coordinator.

  • Registered users can review and post to the Forum, thus Registered users can add new content to Forum as a means of sharing information. Registered users may also choose to receive subsequent postings via e-mail, thereby reducing the need for the user to diligently check the Forum for new postings via web browser.
  • Guest users are permitted to view postings to the Forum, but are not permitted to post to the Forum.
Terms of Use
By entering the NTCIP Forum, you agree to the Joint Committee on the NTCIP's terms of use.

If you have any questions, please send mail to

NTCIP Outreach Click here to enter
A conference for each training course and for each major deployent

NTCIP Testing Click here to enter
A conference for each testing issue.

NTCIP Standards Click here to enter
A conference for each standard, with postings for FAQs, user comments, and proposed revisions.

NTCIP Committees Click here to enter
A conference for committee discussions.

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