Field Management Stations (FMS) Working Group

The Field Management Stations (FMS) WG is responsible for the development and maintenance of NTCIP standards addressing field management stations (sometimes referred to as field master stations) and monitoring technical issues.


Rick Denney, formerly with Iteris, chairs the FMS Working Group.


Note: The FMS Working Group is inactive at present.


To join the FMS Working Group, or for questions concerning the status or content of FMS WG projects or standards, please send your request (with email address, name, and company/organization) to:


Active Projects

The FMS Working Group has no active projects at present.



Published Standards

NTCIP 1210 v01, Field Master Stations (FMS)—Part 1: Object Definitions for Signal System Masters (SSM)

NTCIP 1210 v01 defines the management information related to a Signal System Master (SSM). SSM management information includes individual parameters that represent the configuration, status, and control information that is unique to SSMs. NTCIP 1210 v01 also defines requirements related to the Information Level communications interface between a management station and a signal system master (SSM). NTCIP 1210 v01 also includes pre-defined message sets of these parameters and others from other standards to address operational and informational exchanges in a baseline system configuration. Published September 2013.


Historical Publications

There are no historical FMS publications.