Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS) Working Group

The Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS) Group (ESS WG) is responsible for development and maintenance of those NTCIP standards that are specifically related to environmental sensor stations, specifically NTCIP 1204 (a data dictionary standard).


Nu Rosenbohm, Kapsch, is the chair of the ESS WG.


To join the NTCIP ESS Working Group, or for questions concerning the status or content of ESS WG projects or standards, please send your request (with email address, name, and company/organization) to: ntcip@nema.org


Active Projects

The ESS WG is currently developing a revision of NTCIP 1204 v03, to become Draft NTCIP 1204 v04 (the revision). The objectives of this project are:


  1. Develop the NTCIP 1204 v04 standard assessing issues and integrating information from reports associated with relevant USDOT connected vehicle, Clarus, and AERIS programs (reports and implementations), as well as from current deployments of NTCIP 1204 into a (revised) Concept of Operation (ConOps), requirements, and design.
  2. Use a Systems Engineering Process (SEP) to ensure the completeness and correctness of NTCIP 1204 v04 standard and associated documents and to ensure traceability.
  3. Address backward compatibility (multi-version interoperability) issues in NTCIP 1204 v04, as a consideration for systems that conform to NTCIP 1204 v03, or its predecessors.
  4. Accommodate additional user needs, functional requirements, and System Design Description (SDD) related to additional functionalities that may be identified during Concept of Operations Development.


Also, Connected Vehicle (CV)-related features are expected to be introduced to the signal controller unit and cabinet as part of this work item.


Published Standards

NTCIP 1204 v03, Environmental Sensor Station (ESS) Interface Protocol

NTCIP 1204 v03 defines data elements for environmental sensor data, including weather data, pavement condition data, water level data, and air quality data. Environmental sensors are also frequently co-located with pavement treatment systems (PTS) and, in fact, may use the same controller. Thus, for NTCIP 1204 v03 purposes, the term ESS may also include a PTS. Includes Test Procedures, as well as errata. Published October 2009.