Data Collection and Monitoring (DCM) Working Group

The Data Collection and Monitoring (DCM) WG is responsible for the development and maintenance of NTCIP standards addressing data collection and monitoring technical issues.


Rick Stalowski, Peek was the chair of the DCM Working Group.


Note: The DCM Working Group is currently in active.


To join the DCM Working Group, or for questions concerning the status or content of DCM WG projects or standards, please send your request (with email address, name, and company/organization) to:


Active Projects

There are no active DCM Working Group projects at present.


Published Standards

NTCIP 1206:2005, Object Definitions for Data Collection and Monitoring (DCM) Devices

NTCIP 1206 defines data elements used for the configuration control and status monitoring of transportation data collection devices. DCM equipment will process sensor signals to yield information about the traffic passing over a sensor array. The traffic information is stored in the DCM equipment as data files for future retrieval. The DCM equipment may be portable to set up at a site for a data collection period as short as one day, or the equipment may be installed permanently for continuous monitoring. Published November 2005.


Historical Publications

There are no historical DCM publications.