Welcome to NTCIP

Since 1996, the National Transportation Communications for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Protocol, or NTCIP has served your ITS needs. Standards and other NTCIP documents (such as guides) are available, all to assist in implementation of NTCIP.


The NTCIP website has been refreshed. As the website grew organically over the better part of two decades, a significant amount of content (and functionality) became out-of-date, or no longer helpful to users. This enabled a streamlining of the site.

The new NTCIP website is more user-focused, and offers a streamlined organization, offering users the content that they most frequently want/need.

The new NTCIP website is organized as follows:


  1. About contains a brief overview of NTCIP, information on submitting user comments or inquiries, and proposed revisions.
  2. MIBs, under the About tab, offers information on how to gain access to NTCIP MIBs, a MIB definition, and additional MIB resources.
  3. Library contains a list of NTCIP standards and documents. Unfortunately, the functionality to allow ordering directly from the site is delayed. In the interim, please use the Order Form to email your request to ntcip@nema.org
  4. News will contain notice of new projects, availability of TPG software, and other items of interest to the NTCIP community.

We continue to add functionality to the NTCIP website, and welcome your feedback to ntcip@nema.org