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Where to Start on the NTCIP Website?
The NTCIP is a joint standardization project of AASHTO, ITE, and NEMA, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology. People new to the NTCIP should download The NTCIP Guide (NTCIP 9001). Browse to the Library >> Document Links table to find the status and availability of all the standards.

Current Projects
For information on current NTCIP projects, see http://www.ntcip.org/new/.

NTCIP Standards Available for TPG Users
A selected number of NTCIP standards are now available to TPG (software) users for download:

  • 1209 v02A-SE, NTCIP Object Definitions for Transportation Sensor Systems (TSS);
  • 1203 v03A-SE, NTCIP Object Definitions for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS);
Click here to learn more.

List of Recent PDFs Available
The most recent NTCIP standards released for downloading were:

  • 1201 version 03, GO (March 2011 release);
  • 1213 version 02, ELMS (March 2011 release);
  • 1210 version 01, FMS (September 2013 release);
  • 1209 version 02, TSS (May 2014 release);
  • 1204 version 03, ESS (September 2014 release with Errata);
  • 1211 version 02, SCP (September 2014 release);
  • 1203 version 03, DMS (September 2014 release);
  • 1207 version 02, RMC (September 2014 release);
  • 1205 version 01 Amendment 1, CCTV (September 2014 release);
  • 1103 version 03, TMP (December 2016 release).
Visit the Library >> Document Links table to find the shopping carts.

NTCIP Guide Click here to view
Check out the NTCIP 9001 "Guide" for detailed deployment and NTCIP procurement information.

NTCIP Forums Click here to enter
The NTCIP Forums provide a channel for technical folks and practitioners alike to discuss the NTCIP. Topics include Outreach, Testing, Standards and Working Groups.

NTCIP Library Click here to view
Use the Library table to find the NTCIP document number you need. The Library Table has links to the status information, drafts, and Jointly Approved standards.

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