Library: 2306 - Application Profile for XML in ITS Center to Center Communications (AP-C2CXML)

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2306 Application Profile Jointly Approved
Developed By: Center-to-Center Working Group
Point of Contact: Manny Insignares, Consensus Systems Technologies Corporation
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Description of Document:
This standard specifies communications interfaces (message form, message use, and transport) encoded in the Extensible Markup Language (XML) between a center and an external center. Message content is defined in other standards, such as the AASHTO/ITE TMDD and MSTMCC, the APTA TCIP, the SAE Message Sets for ATIS, or the IEEE 1512 IM.

Document Status:

Date submitted: 11/30/2009

VERSION v01 -- The NTCIP C2C WG developed the draft NTCIP 2306 between 2004 and 2006. In March 2005, the Joint Committee on the NTCIP accepted v01.51 as a User Comment Draft, and Standards Bulletin B0101 requested review and comment. In December 2005, NTCIP 2306 was proposed for acceptance as a Recommended Standard. After additional comments were received and addressed, the JC accepted v01.68 as a Recommended Standard in March 2006. In December 2006, v01.68b was sent to the SDOs for ballot and approval.

Approvals -- NTCIP 2306 v01 was approved by AASHTO in March 2008; approved by ITE in March 2008; and approved by NEMA in June 2007. In March 2008, NTCIP 2306 v01 was Jointly Approved.

In December 2008 -- The published version of the Joint Standards Publication NTCIP 2306 v01.69 (December 2008 edition) was available as either a PDF download, or for order as a printed hardcopy with a softcover. To order the standard, point to the mouse-over menu "Deployment" >> Order Standards.

NAVIGATE THE PDF -- To help users navigate the large document, the PDF file was authored with embedded links. The links can be found in the Table of Contents.

The U.S. DOT ITS Standards Program provides a "Standards Advisory on C2C Communications Profiles," which discusses XML, SOAP, WSDL, NTCIP 2306, and NTCIP 9010. Browse to

XML SCHEMA and XDS FILE -- The "NTCIP-references.xsd" file contains a list of references from the AASHTO/ITE TMDD to the MIB objects of NTCIP. As of 2009, there was a "NTCIP-references.xsd" file on ITE's TMDD web site, The TMDD XML Schema and WSDL are listed under "Step No. 14" on the page, in the list item that reads "Zip File Containing the XML Schema and WSDL in XML Format." The NTCIP family of standards publications does not have XML schema representation of the MIB objects. [Manny Insignares, em091124]


As of 2008, no revisions are planned for NTCIP 2306 v01.


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