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9012 Information Report Recommended Information Report
Developed By: Testing and Conformity Assessment Working Group
Point of Contact: Steve Dellenback, SWRI
Published: Published and available for free download. Click to shopping cart above to register and download the document.
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Date submitted: 10/27/2009

SCOPE AND BACKGROUND -- NTCIP 9012, "Testing Guide for NTCIP Center-to-Field Communications," will help deploying agencies define their NTCIP device testing process or program. The Testing Guide explains testing for compliance and conformance, where testing fits in the systems engineering "Vee" model, how to develop good device specifications based on standards, and how to define a testing framework. NTCIP 9012 also discusses writing detailed test procedures, and the options for who should perform testing.

VERSION v01 -- In 2005, NTCIP 9012 v1.23 was accepted by the NTCIP Joint Committee as a User Comment Draft. In 2006, 9012 v01.24 was issued for review and comment. In 2007, the NTCIP Joint Committee accepted v01.24 as a Recommended Information Report. In 2008, several phases of editing for publication produced 9012 v01.27, which was available for no-cost download. In 2009, version 9012v01.27r-2008c was a second printing to PDF.

NAVIGATE THE PDF -- To help users navigate the document, the PDF file was authored with embedded links. The links can be found in the "Contents at a Glance," the Table of Contents, List of Figures, and other embedded hyperlinks.


As of 2009, there are no updates planned for NTCIP 9012. The document has been emailed to people in response to their questions about "how do we test NTCIP devices?".


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