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2304 Application Profile Recommended Standard
Developed By: Center-to-Center Working Group
Point of Contact: Manny Insignares, Consensus Systems Technologies Corporation
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This standard defines how to use the DATEX-ASN protocol within US-based transportation networks.

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Date submitted: 2/6/2006

In February 2000 -- the Joint Committee delayed acceptance as a Recommended Standard until the normative NTCIP 1102 OER was accepted as Recommended, and ISO 14827-2 became a Draft International Standard.

In September 2000 -- the Joint Committee accepted 2304 version 01.06 as a Recommended Standard.

In May 2001 -- the ISO TC 204 P-member countries approved ISO 14827, Data Interfaces Between Centres for Transport Information and Control Systems - Parts 1 and 2, as a Draft International Standard.

In June 2001 -- NTCIP Standards Bulletin B0063 sent 2304 v01.07 to AASHTO, ITE, and NEMA for balloting and approval.

A U.S. DOT ITS Standards "Fact Sheet" is available for this standard; browse to

June 2002 -- The DATEX-ASN specification and related Message Definition Requirements (ISO 14827 Data Interfaces Between Centres for Transport Information and Control Systems - Parts 1 and 2) have been successfully ballotted by ISO member countries for elevation to a Draft International Standard. NTCIP 2304 AP-DATEX has been updated to reflect user comments.

In December 2002 -- NTCIP 2304 version 01 was Jointly Approved.

February 2006 -- The published version of the Joint Standards Publication NTCIP 2304:2002 v01.08 (September 2005 edition) was available as either a PDF download, or for order as a printed hardcopy with a softcover. To order the standard, point to the mouse-over menu "Deployment" >> Order Standards.


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