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1213 Device Data Dictionary v02 Jointly Approved
Developed By: Electrical and Lighting Management Systems Working Group
Point of Contact: Jones Greg, Texas DOT
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This NTCIP data dictionary defines the management information base for roadside electrical and lighting managment systems throught parameters that represent the configuration, status, and control information.

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Date submitted: 4/1/2011

TAKE NOTE OF VERSION v02 -- The "shopping cart" above initiates the downloading of 1213 v02 for a limited time. The prior version v01 never progressed beyond draft stage; version v02 included the ELMS needs and requirements.

BACKGROUND -- In 2002, the Joint Committee on the NTCIP approved forming the Electrical and Lighting Management Systems Working Group, to continue developing an ELMS standard from a sub-committee of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA). The draft was converted from XML to ASN.1 Object Macro format to form the basis of NTCIP 1213.

ELMS equipment is a telemetry-based remote monitoring and control system for highway lighting. ELMS can be a tool for lowering costs, improving maintenance management, implementing lighting curfews, and increasing safety. Although different providers of ELMS equipment have their own sets of features and interfaces, the NTCIP 1213 standard creates a common set of features and functionality, and defines the points of interoperability.

VERSION v02 -- (The version v01 was incremented to v02 when the draft included systems engineering content.) In 2004, the Joint Committee accepted NTCIP 1213 as a User Comment Draft. In 2005, the NTCIP Joint Committee accepted 1213 v02.19 as a Recommended Standard. In 2006, Standards Bulletin B0111 send 1213 v02.19d to the SDOs for ballot and approval.

Approvals -- In September 2008, NTCIP 1213 was Jointly Approved. AASHTO approved in September 2008; ITE approved in March 2008; NEMA approved in June 2007. Publication was held pending the approval of normative references included in 1213, and correction of MIB systax. In 2010, the ELMS WG agreed to additional object revisions for Astronomical Clock values, and included a separate annex. In March 2011, NTCIP 1213 v02.20 was published.

SMART GRID -- In September 2009, the NTCIP 1213 was included in the "NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards," released at the Washington, DC "GridWeek." In 2010, NTCIP 1213 ELMS was hosted on a secure ANSI website for review by FERC, NARUC, the Smart Grid Architecture Cmte, and other organizations.

NTCIP MIB files -- are available for: 1213v02.19 (2006), v02.20 (2011 update in progress), plus v02.20 Annex C (for astro clock). To request access, see the instructions at Library >> MIBs.


In 2Q 2011 -- NTCIP 1213 v02.20 MIB will be available, plus the PRL.


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