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1211 Device Data Dictionary v01 Superceded; v02 Jointly Approved
Developed By: Signal Control and Prioritization Working Group
Point of Contact: Jim Jarzab, VTA
John Thai, City of Anaheim
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This NTCIP data dictionary defines the management information base for Signal Control and Prioritization (SCP) systems through parameters that represent the configuration, status, and control information. NTCIP 1211 defines the functional entities of a Priority Request Generator and a Priority Request Server, which respectively originates and performs triage on requests. After performing triage in terms of importance and priority, the requests are sent to the Coordinator entity in a Traffic Signal Controller.

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Date submitted: 10/2/2014

SCOPE AND BACKGROUND -- NTCIP 1211 defines data elements for information management and operations of signal control and prioritization (SCP). NTCIP 1211 organizes functional requirements and user requirements, and includes scenarios and use cases. The NTCIP SCP WG invented the functional entities of a “Priority Request Generator” and a “Priority Request Server,” which respectively originates and performs triage on requests. After performing triage in terms of importance and priority, the requests are sent to the Coordinator entity in a Traffic Signal Controller.

NTCIP 1211 includes the management of multiple requests for priority or preferential treatment of different classes of vehicles, such as transit, emergency service, and commercial fleet vehicles. NTCIP 1211 defines a method of granting priority to one signal while maintaining coordination with adjacent intersections. NTCIP 1211 is intended to work in conjunction with the coordination object definitions and functions defined in NTCIP 1202, Object Definitions for Actuated Signal Controllers.

NTCIP 1211 v02 differs from the preceding version of NTCIP 1211 in the following significant areas:

  1. Inclusion of Systems Engineering (SE) elements. These include: Concept of Operations, User Needs, an updated Protocol Requirements List (PRL), and updated Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), in addition to Functional Requirements revised, as needed, to accommodate each user Need.
  2. NTCIP 1211 v02 addresses "absolute time", and that MIB includes some new, additional objects: priorityRequestTimeOfRequest and prgPriorityRequestAbsolute.
NTCIP 1211 is maintained by the NTCIP SCP WG. The SCP WG maintains liaison with: the TCIP II Dialogs project, and with the IEEE WG14 for HRI (IEEE P1570, "Standard for Interface Between the Rail Subsystem and the Highway Subsystem at a Highway Rail Intersection.")

The NTCIP SCP CO and PRS MIB files are available. To request access, see the instructions in the Library pulldown.


NTCIP 1211 v01 -- In November 2000, the NTCIP 1211 v01 draft was initiated. In July 2002, the Joint Committee accepted 1211v01.25 as a User Comment Draft, and Standards Bulletin B0079 sent 1211v01.26 out for User Comment. In February 2004, the Joint Committee accepted NTCIP 1211 v01.36 as a Recommended Standard, and Standards Bulletin B0096 sent 1211v01.37 for ballot and approval. In December 2005, NTCIP 1211 v01.37 was Jointly Approved.

NTCIP 1211 v02 -- In 2006, NTCIP 1211 v02 was planned with systems engineering content and test procedures. Between 2008 to 2009, draft ConOps, requirements, and test procedures were prepared and reviewed, and six key concerns of the ITS JPO addressed. In April 2010, the ITS JPO modified the work order including 1211 v02, and deleted the test procedures and the requirements-to-test case traceability matrix. The SCP WG and SDOs were tasked to deliver the UCD, and RS, and published PDF. The SCP WG had 1211 v02.07, last revised 07/17/08, as a Pre-UCD draft to check user needs, requirements and design only.

In May 2008, NTCIP 1211 v01.38 was edited and published as a no-cost PDF download. In October 2008, the hardcopy version of NTCIP 1211 v01.38p (May 2008 edition) was available for order, printed with a softcover. To order the historical standard, NTCIP 1211 v01, contact the NTCIP Coordinator at


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