Library: 1210 - NTCIP Objects for Signal System Masters

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1210 Device Data Dictionary Jointly Approved
Developed By: Field Management Stations Working Group
Point of Contact: Richard Denney, Iteris, Inc.
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NTCIP 1210 defines requirements for the Information Level communications interface between a management station and a Signal System Master (SSM). The standard defines two mechanisms for communication between the SSM and the Signal System Local (SSL) -- one is through the Command Table, the other uses PMPP routing.

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Date submitted: 10/14/2010

BACKGROUND -- In 2000-2001, the FMS WG considered all the functions that could be part of a field master, and planned to develop a two-part standard. The first part, "Part 1: Object Definitions for Signal System Masters," addressed the information and operational requirements of traditional "closed-loop" systems. A second part, "Part 2," was planned for an advanced "field management station" that would go beyond signal controllers to include other controllers for DMS, ESS, CCTV cameras, and ramp metering.

VERSION v01 -- In December 2001, the NTCIP Joint Committee accepted 1210 v01.12 as a User Comment Draft. In February 2002, NTCIP Standards Bulletin B0073 sent 1210 v01.14 out for user comment. Between 2002 and 2007, the WG underwent a change in the chairperson, a change in editors, and the addtion of a systems engineering process consultant. To dispose of the user comments, and include additional content, the document was completely revised.

v01 UCD2. In August 2007, the Joint Committee accepted 1210 v01.46 as a second UCD, and Standards Bulletin B0125 sent the v01.46c files as UCD2 to AASHTO, ITE, and NEMA for review and comment.In April 2008, v01.47 disposed of the second round of User Comments.

v01 RS and sub-RS. In May 2008, the v01.48 was proposed to the Joint Committee, and in May 2008, the Joint Committee accepted v01.48 as the Recommended Standard. However, in August 2008, the JC had extended discussion on the approach to resolve quality issues. In December 2008, a quality audit and Walkthrough Exercise of NTCIP 1210 v01.49 was conducted for logical consistency and traceability. In January thru March 2009, the decisions from the Walkthrough Exercise were posted, the MIB checked, and tracing quality checked in several minor versions ~v01.51. In March 2009, the 1210 MIB was reported to compile with no errors. Also in March 2009, the NTCIP Joint Committee approved the substitution of v01.52 as the Recommended Standard. In May 2010, the normative reference hold was removed, and NTCIP 1210 v01.53 was edited for balloting and approval by the SDOs.

v01 Joint Approval: pending. NTCIP 1210 v01.54 was edited for publication.


October 2010 -- Standards Bulletin B0139 will issue v01.53 for SDO ballot and approval. By December 2010, the pre-Joint Approval/edited-for-publication v01.54 edition will be posted.


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