Library: 1207 - NTCIP Object Definitions for Ramp Meter Control (RMC)

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1207 Device Data Dictionary TS3.RMC v01 Jointly Approved; v02 Recommended Standard
Developed By: Ramp Metering Working Group
Point of Contact: Brian Simi, CALTRANS
MIB Available: Management Information Base is available
Published: Published and available for free download. Click to shopping cart above to register and download the document.
Description of Document:
This standard deals with the data required to control and monitor a ramp meter.

Document Status:

Date submitted: 6/29/2007

TAKE NOTE OF MULTIPLE VERSIONS -- The "shopping cart" above initiates the downloading of 1207 v01 for a limited time. The next version 1207 v02 is posted below for review and comment.

VERSION v01 -- In 1998 to 1999, the TS_3.RMC was accepted as a User Comment Draft, and distributed for review and comment. In November 1999, the Joint Committee accepted 1207 v01 as a Recommended Standard. In October 2000, Standards Bulletin B0056 sent 1207 v01.16 for balloting. In May 2001, 1207 version 01.16 was Jointly Approved. (AASHTO approval was in February 2001; ITE approval was in May 2001; and NEMA approval was in May 2001.)

In February 2002, the printed version of the Joint Standards Publication NTCIP 1207:2001 was available for order. NTCIP 1207:2001 is version v01.17, November 2001. The printed version included updates to the Foreward and Introduction.

To order the standard, point to the mouse-over menu "Deployment" >> Order Standards.

An NTCIP MIB file is available. To request access, see the instructions at Library >> MIBs.

VERSION v02 -- In June 2005, onsite testing of the Salt Lake City ramp metering system was conducted by Battelle. The Battelle findings, and input from other ramp metering deployers, prompted the RMC WG to draft the version v02 revisions. In May 2007, the Joint Committee accepted 1207 v02.06 as a User Comment Draft. In June 2007, Standards Bulletin B0122 sent 1207 v02.06b out for review and comment.

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The v02 Recommended Standard is expected by 4Q CY2007.


What's Available:


      NTCIP Standards Bulletin B0145, Ballot 1207 v02 to Approve,
      Date Posted: 6/17/2014 12:57:07 PM
      Document Description: Request for Ballot and Approval.


      NTCIP 1207 v02, RMC,
      Date Posted: 6/17/2014 1:02:15 PM
      Document Description: Recommended Standard of the NTCIP Joint Committee.

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