Library: 1206 - NTCIP Object Definitions for Data Collection

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1206 Device Data Dictionary Recommended Standard
Developed By: Data Collection and Monitoring Working Group
Point of Contact: Rick Stalowski, Peek Traffic Corporation
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Description of Document:
NTCIP 1206 defines data elements used for the configuration control and status monitoring of transportation data collection devices. DCM equipment will process sensor signals to yield information about the traffic passing over a sensor array. The traffic information is stored in the DCM equipment as data files for future retrieval. The DCM equipment may be portable to set up at a site for a data collection period as short as one day, or the equipment may be installed permanently for continuous monitoring.

Document Status:

Date submitted: 12/19/2006

DRAFT DEVELOPMENT -- The work items started in 1998 at the initial meeting of the NTCIP DCM Working Group in Charlotte, NC. In November 2001, the Joint Committee on the NTCIP accepted 1206 v01.17 as a User Comment Draft. In February 2002, NTCIP Standards Bulletin B0072 sent 1206 v01.18 to the SDOs for user comment. In November 2003, the Joint Committee on the NTCIP accepted 1206 v01.21 as a Recommended Standard. In July 2004, NTCIP Standards Bulletin B0095 sent 1206 v01.22 to the SDOs for ballot and approval.

DOCUMENT CONTENT -- NTCIP 1206 v01.22 contains two sections and four annexes. The two sections include general introductory material, a “How To Use This Document” section, a DCM Overview and Operational Description, and the DCM MIB. The four annexes include a Profile Information Conformance Statement (PICS), a PICS example, a graphical representation of all tables, guidance on configuring DCM devices using the defined data elements, a Data File Structure description, several DCM application examples, and two recommended typical DCM communications profiles.

An NTCIP MIB file is available. To request access, see the instructions at Library >> MIBs.

Approvals -- NTCIP 1206 v01 was approved by AASHTO in October 2004; approved by ITE in May 2005; and approved by NEMA in November 2004. In May 2005, NTCIP 1206 v01 was Jointly Approved.

In December 2006 -- The published version of the Joint Standards Publication NTCIP 1206:2005 v01.23 (November 2005 edition) was available as either a PDF download, or for order as a printed hardcopy with a softcover. To order the standard, point to the mouse-over menu "Deployment" >> Order Standards.

NAVIGATE THE PDF -- To help users navigate the large document, the PDF file was authored with embedded links. The links can be found in the Table of Contents, in subsection 1.5 "How To Use This Document," and in the annexes. Annex A has links to Clause references, Object Status, and User Requirements Clause references; Annex B and Annex C have links to Section references. To use the links when browsing with Adobe(R) Reader(R), select the Hand tool, and the Hand will change to the pointing finger when over a link. To return to the prior page after clicking a link, use Alt+Left Arrow to return to the Previous View. See the Reader's View menu for more shortcuts.


The NTCIP 1206 updated MIB and PRL is expected to be available in 1st Q 2007.


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