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1202 Device Data Dictionary Jointly Approved
Developed By: Actuated Signal Control Working Group
Point of Contact: Peter Ragsdale, U.S. Traffic Corporation
Beth Ramirez, City of Dallas
MIB Available: Management Information Base is available
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NTCIP 1202 defines the data elements and conformance requirements for actuated traffic signal controllers (ASC). NTCIP 1202 defines the ASC MIB -- the collection of data elements that express the parameters, controls, and status information associated with the functions of a traffic signal controller. The functions addressed include: Phases, Rings and Sequence; Detectors; Special Functions; Coordination; Time Base Control; Preemption; Overlaps; and Upload and Download. In 1202 v02, the addition of BLOCK Object Data provides an efficient method for uploading and downloading device configuration.

Document Status:

Date submitted: 1/30/2007

BACKGROUND -- The NTCIP 1202 was developed to be a Joint AASHTO / ITE / NEMA Standards Publication, as a Device Data Dictionary in the 1200-series of NTCIP document numbers. NTCIP 1202 defines the data elements and conformance requirements for actuated traffic signal controllers (ASC). The version v01 was published as NEMA TS 3.5-1996. Version v02 was developed to reflect lessons learned, to update the document format, and to add new features.

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An NTCIP MIB file is available. To request access, see the instructions at Library >> MIBs.

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VERSION v01 HISTORY -- In 1996 and 1997, AASHTO, ITE, and NEMA balloted and approved the Recommended Standard TS_3.5-1996. In 1997, the printed version of the Joint Standards Publication NTCIP 1202:1996 was available.

AMENDMENT 01 HISTORY -- In November 1999, the Joint Committee accepted NTCIP 1202 Amendment 1 as a User Comment Draft Amendment. In April 2000, NTCIP Standards Bulletin B0049 sent NTCIP 1202 Amendment 1 v01.06b for user comment. After incorporation into 1202v02, Amendment 1 v06 was not advanced further.

VERSION v02 HISTORY -- In Spring 2001, NTCIP 1202 v02.10 was a working group draft, and included: all revisions noted in 1202 Amendment 1, clarifications based on user comments, and enhancements based on Joint Committee input. The major enhancement was the definition of 'block objects' to enable a more efficient upload / download of parameters. In June 2001, the Joint Committee accepted 1202 version 02 as a User Comment Draft. In February 2002, NTCIP Standards Bulletin B0068 sent 1202 v02.13 out for User Comment. In October 2002, the Joint Committee accepted 1202 v02.16 as a Recommended Standard. In April 2004, NTCIP Standards Bulletin B0091 sent 1202 v02.18 for balloting and approval. The USER COMMENT REPORT for 1202 v02 is posted in the Forum >> Standards >> 1202. As of March 2005, NTCIP 1202 v02 was Jointly Approved.

In January 2007 -- The published version of the Joint Standards Publication NTCIP 1202:2005 v02.19 (November 2005 edition) was available as either a PDF download, or for order as a printed hardcopy with a softcover. To order the standard, point to the mouse-over menu "Deployment" >> Order Standards.

NAVIGATE THE PDF -- To help users navigate the large document, the v02 PDF file was authored with embedded links. The links can be found in the Table of Contents. To use the links when browsing with Adobe(R) Reader(R), select the Hand tool, and the Hand will change to the pointing finger when over a link. To return to the prior page after clicking a link, use Alt+Left Arrow to return to the Previous View. See the Reader's View menu for more shortcuts.


The NTCIP 1202 updated MIB and PRL is now, or is expected to be available by 1st Q 2007.


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      NTCIP Global Object Definitions - version 01,
      Date Posted: 1/31/2007 4:43:29 PM
      Document Description: Superceded version; more recent version recommended.

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